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Deceit by Design


Benjamin's Farting Bum


GabAna says be Kind

GabAna says be Kind


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Anastasia Grace goes to St. Pierre Island


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Sipho & Co learn isiXhosa


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Gabriella Rose the Mermaid at Seahorse World


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GabAna wishes you a Happy Easter


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GabAna wishes you a Merry Christmas




Crime Novel


The usually tranquil and picturesque city of Champaign, Illinois is being rocked by an evil force, turning it upside down.

Three closely bonded women - all talented, all beautiful, potent with success and charisma - return to their old lives and Alma Mater for their 10th school reunion.  One of the trio is suspiciously murdered - Extraordinarily this is the first homicide in fifty years. Who could be responsible for committing such a heinous crime in a charming city positively brimming with people, many of whom have something to hide?

 Dark secrets bubble in Champaign...

There's only one man fit for this role: Lieutenant Craig Ryan, relentless in his pursuit of justice. By his side is his former partner, Kirsten Wells, reporter and darling of Champaign, whose grief fuels her need for the truth. 


As the investigation heightens, a slew of cryptic poetic clues and riddles are strewn around. Devious. Mystifying. Indeed irksome. One by one, the women of Champaign find their way into a psychotic killer's web.

Nothing will prevent him from getting what he wants. His plans must be foiled before it's too late... 



I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. I've written three series of children's books inspired by the love I have for my granddaughters, who sadly live far away from me.

This prompted me to write fantasy stories portraying them as the main characters. 

  • Gabriella Rose Dream Series - Gabriella Rose is an adventurous little girl who experiences fantastical imaginary quests in her dreams. In each dream Gabi visits an iconic Australian attraction. Each story has a whimsical and educational element.

  • Anastasia Grace's Mystical Adventures Series - After her serendipitous discovery of a magical locket and enchanting pashmina rocket, vivacious island girl Anastasia Grace takes to the skies on exciting adventures to captivating cities and faraway places. Each story has a whimsical and educational element.

  • The GabAna Series - Told in rhyme, introducing children to the concepts of being kind, helpful, respectful, happy, good, friendly, and truthful. These books convey insightful ideas to impressionable little children. Designed for parent & child interaction, with a fun question & answer component.

  • The GabAna Series special additions - GabAna wishes you a Merry Christmas, GabAna wishes you a Happy Easter and GabAna says Let's Colour In. Festive Christmas cheer and an Egg-citing Easter egg hunt is packed into these two rhyming books. The colouring book features readers favourite drawings.

  • Benjamin's Talking Bum & Benjamin's Farting Bum - Light hearted books for kids who just want to have fun! Each book has an encouraging message.

  • Sipho & Co Series - These books are aimed at giving children insight into the multicultural nature of the Rainbow Nation of South Africa, learning something of interest about each ethnic group in each book. These also have an educational component.

  • Deceit by Design - Crime novel - Cryptic poetic clues & riddles indicate that a psychotic killer is on the loose and nothing will prevent him from getting what he wants.



Kate & Laura Pike

Laura loves her new book by talented local author @ Roz Potgieter Author. Here she is with her very own flower crown, just like in the book! It combined fantasy with one of Australia's greatest icons. It is easy to read and the illustrations are captivating. Highly recommended to anyone with a young girl.


Sean Sanan

An amazing series and perfect for all schools and home reading.


Maryna King

Oh my goodness, what else can I say than just WOW! Roz’s books are absolutely gorgeous and any little child would love the range. Well done Roz.


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