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Testimonials - Children's Books


Sean Sanan

An amazing series and perfect for all schools and home reading.


Kate & Laura Pike 

Laura loves her new book by talented local author @ Roz Potgieter Author. Here she is with her very own flower crown, just like in the book! It combined fantasy with one of Australia's greatest icons. It is easy to read and the illustrations are captivating. Highly recommended to anyone with a young girl.


Maryna King

Oh my goodness, what else can I say than just WOW! Roz’s books are absolutely gorgeous and any little child would love the range. Well done Roz.


Patti Maher

I highly recommend these beautiful children's books, they are absolutely delightful. The GabAna series are easy reading and all have a different positive message to teach little ones respect and kindness. The other two series are lovely, exciting fantasy stories that will have little ones intrigued and wishing they could also have these adventures. They will be begging to read them constantly.


Marthie Talu

Roz's books are fabulous for children, boys and girls. The stories will spark a little one's imagination, with brilliantly illustrated pages and little learning's at the back. Your little one will thoroughly enjoy them. Great purchase.


Judith May Hurndell

What can I say except what great books by Roz Potgieter. Stories are cleverly written and the pictures are fun. These books are perfect for reading to even the smallest children or older one's. Roz you inspire any grandparent who loves their grandchildren.


Megan Williams

Pure joy!! Children will fall in love with these books


Judi Crook

Love these books, everything about them is fun, imaginative and all have such a beautiful message! Such a beautiful gift, and a pleasure to share with all those children around you!!


Mandy Larsson

Roz is an inspiring, intriguing, exciting and fun filled author.


Chrystal Coughlan

GabAna says be Kind - An amazing children's book! Teaches kids to be kind in a fun way while still being educational. I LOVE the rhyming in this series. Get yourself a copy before it sells out, because this is sure to be a hit with the kids.


Pamela Casson

Very imaginative, got heart when telling a story


Amorita Kluyts

Lovely values the author is teaching through her stories. Baby sitting with these books is a breeze! They were absolutely fascinated by the fairies and the Sydney Opera House.


Heather & Amber Taneja

My daughter loves GabAna Says Be Respectful - thanks Amorita for introducing us to this wonderful author.


Renee Anders

A lovely book for early readers or to read to younger children. Rhyming messages about showing kindness to all, wherever you are. Fun questions at the end for your child to answer. Eye catching illustrations. Bought for a friend's little one.

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Karen & Gia

Beautifully illustrated little kiddies books that are also educational.
Thank you Roz for the personal message to Gia. She loves her book!

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Shann Vaega

My kiddies looove - GabAna says be Kind ! 🥰🥰


Hazel Ballantyne

Roz captures so much in her stories. The imagination runs wild. Also I think the info given at the end is FANTASTIC.

Ten out of ten Roz.

Testimonials - Fiction Novel

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Sonja Serfontein

This is a gripping murder mystery novel, a compelling page-turner, loved it from start to finish. You won’t need a bookmarker for this one, I could not put it down and finished it the day I started it. Easy read with captivating characters. Can’t wait for the next book by Roz Potgieter. 

5 star rating - Goodreads



Fast-paced read with compelling action and mystery — couldn't put it down!

5 star rating - Goodreads


Sean Sanan

This is a must read. It is incredibly well written. The author's style of writing brings the characters to life on the page. A captivating page turner. I hope there’ll be a sequel.

5 star rating - Goodreads



This book was a non stop thrill ride. I couldn’t put it down. Definitely hope there is a sequel.

5 star rating - Goodreads


Jennifer Wrigley

From start to finish Deceit by Design is one of those books that keeps you guessing who the killer is. A great story full of intrigue, Roz Potgieter certainly used her imagination on this novel. Really looking forward to Roz's next publication.

5 star rating - Goodreads