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Anastasia Grace finds the magical silver locket, is an intriguing tale of a little girl who lives on an island.

Whilst fishing with her sister, Ana reels in a magical locket, instantly becoming its custodian.

Her reward is an enchanting pashmina rocket, taking her to the skies and onto Dubai in a fun-filled fantasy adventure.


This is the first book in a series of 5 books, taking readers to captivating cities

 around the world.


· Anastasia Grace finds the Magical Silver Locket

· Anastasia Grace goes to Snoopy Island

· Anastasia Grace goes to New York

· Anastasia Grace goes to Paris

· Anastasia Grace goes to Hong Kong


Every Australian purchase directly from the author will receive a signed book.

If this purchase is for a gift, please include the name of the recipient and the message.

Anastasia Grace finds the Magical Silver Locket

  • Product Dimensions:   216 x 279 x 3mm | 145g

    Weight (kg):    0.14
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