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Anastasia Grace goes to St. Pierre Island, is an intriguing tale of an adventurous little island girl.

After a serendipitous discovery of a magical locket and enchanting pashmina rocket, Ana takes to the skies on exciting adventures.

This time, she takes her friend Nicholas. They decide to beat the heat and head off to St. Pierre Island in the Seychelles.

Ready, steady, swim... A thrilling race on huge turtles, splashing their way through the turquoise water, soaking up the fun. Who wins the race? Could the prize be as exciting?

Packed with entrancing illustrations, this gorgeous book will have you wanting to go to Seychelles too!

Anastasia Grace's Mystical Adventures is an enchanting series to captivating cities and faraway places. Each story has a whimsical and educational element.

*Anastasia Grace finds the Magical Silver Locket

* Anastasia Grace goes to New York 

* Anastasia Grace goes to Paris

* Anastasia Grace goes to Hong Kong

Anastasia Grace goes to St Pierre Island

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