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Benjamin is an awesome, happy-go-lucky boy, except for one small problem.

His bum.

He has no control over it, as it talks all the time.


Grab your school bag and join our unique 7 year old.

His busy bum just wants to play - All day!

Benjamin's constantly entangled in a tension convention with

his talking bum.


What must he do? Should he sit all day, or continue as normal?

How much stress can one little bum cause?

It's loud, it's thunderous and butts in all the time.


Can Benjamin bounce back?


This is the first of two books about Benjamin's bum.

Light hearted books for kids who just want to have fun!


Every Australian purchase directly from the author will receive a signed copy.

If this purchase is for a gift, please include the name of the recipient and the message.

Benjamin's Talking Bum

  • Product Dimensions:   216 x 216 x 3mm | 135g

    Weight (kg):    0.12
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